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Two Men Arrested for Robbery and Package Thefts

Irvine Police arrested two men for robbing a woman in a parking lot and stealing a bunch of packages last Wednesday. The suspects are identified as Raymundo Bernal and Gerrardo Deloera. Both men were 22 years of age and were from Costa Mesa. This case first started when a package theft occurred in front of an Irvine residence where a surveillance camera captured the suspect’s unique green jeep with a blue ladder on top. The police were able to document the details of the car and the robbery so that they could be on the lookout for the car and the suspects. However, lucky for the police, the two men decided to rob and woman loading her groceries. Lucky for victim, there was an officer in the parking lot who heard the screams of the woman and he immediately took action. The officer rushed to her aid with his gun drawn and yelling orders to the suspects. The two men peacefully surrendered and were taken into custody. The men will be charged with the robber of the woman as well as all of the other package robberies that had their jeep involved in the descriptions of the crimes.


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