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Coyote Responsible for Multiple Irvine attacks is Euthanized

The city of Irvine has had a very bad coyote problem for the past year and it seemed that everyone’s pets were not safe alone in their own backyards. The problem increased and became even more serious when one coyote began attacking young children. It seemed as if this problem was never going to be solved and parents were scared to let their kids play in the park or outside their own house. However, animal control set up various traps along the neighborhood in the attempt to capture this specific coyote in order for the residents of this city to feel safe once again. After several weeks of leaving traps everywhere, the animal control unit was able to capture the coyote they believe to be responsible for all of the vicious attacks in the community. The animal control decided that the best option in this situation was to euthanize the animal, which they did today.

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