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Irvine Police Department

The Irvine Police Department is located at 1 Civic Center Plaza Irvine, CA 92606. The Irvine police department is located in the Irvine Civic Center, which is also where you could find city hall as well as the Chamber of Commerce and Emergency Services. The Police Department in Irvine contains many divisions that work together to make sure that they are always keeping the citizens of the city as safe as possible at all times.


If any part of the department doesn’t operate at its best, then the whole department will fail, which will cause confusion that will put the people of the city at risk. The men and women of this police department are all highly trained and have obtained the ability to handle any situation that may occur while patrolling the streets. A few of the divisions located inside the police department include: Administration, Animal Control, Crime Scene Analysis, Patrol Unit, Traffic Unit, and the Detective Bureau. The chief of police in the city of Irvine is Mike Hamel and he has been doing a great job of keeping the department organized and focused on the safety of the public.


It is the job of the chief to make sure that all of the officers are on the same page and are motivated to keep the city safe. In order to become an officer at the Irvine Police Department you will have to first attend a police academy. The police academy will teach the essential skills an officer will need when roaming the city confronting criminals. Every officer will also learn all of the laws that concern being an officer. The men and women will leave the academy knowing which crimes are considered felonies or misdemeanors and the amount of jail time that comes with each crime.


The police department also serves as a place where any citizen can go to in order to pay a ticket or to inquire about a person or an officer. The police welcome anybody to visit the police department to talk about any sort of situation or to learn more about what the police are doing in the community as far as community service or programs that may be helpful to you and your family. The police in this city are not just here to give out tickets and arrest people, they are here to work with the community in order to come up with new ways to keep the city safe.


The police rely on the help of the community to help with community outreach programs in order to get everyone more involved in making the city safer. However, if you do get arrested in the city of Irvine, then you will be taken to the Irvine police department, where you will be booked and held until you are either transferred or bailed out.  When anyone is arrested by the Irvine Police Department, their case will most like be sent to the Harbor Justice Center.

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