How bail bond work in Irvine!

When someone is arrested in the city of Irvine, they will usually be taken to the Irvine Police Department, which is located at 1 Civic Center Plaza, Irvine, CA 92606. However, if the defendant is suffering from a serious medical condition, then he or she will be taken to the county jail so they could receive the medical attention that they need.


When the inmate arrives at the police station, he or she will have to change into prison attire and put all of their belongings away for safekeeping for the remainder of the time that the inmate spends at the jail. The jailer will then get all of the defendant’s personal information so that he or she could enter the data into the Orange County Sheriff’s database for future reference in case the inmate were to get arrested again.


The inmate will also have to take a mug shot that will also be entered into the database. When that is completed, the defendant will then have to complete the fingerprinting process, which is done via the Live Scan machine. This machine is used to determine if the defendant has any outstanding warrants anywhere.


The way this machine works is that it takes the defendant’s fingerprints and runs them against the Department of Justice’s database, which could take some time to complete. Unfortunately, the defendant has to be cleared for bail before we can post the bond, which cannot happen until the jailer receives the results from the fingerprint scan. So when you contact one of our agents, he or she will get all of this information from the jailer and then meet up with you to explain the situation.


When you meet up with one of our agents, he or she will have you fill out the paperwork so that it is ready for when they clear your loved one for bail. Once the paperwork is completed and the defendant is cleared for bail, our agent will post the bail and get your loved one out of jail as soon as possible.


Our highly trained agent will then explain everything to the defendant and will hand one of you a receipt that will have all of the defendant’s court information.