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How bail bond work in Irvine!

The arresting procedure contains multiple stages, starting with the booking process. Booking is generally the longest part of the entire process. The first part of the booking process includes gathering the inmate’s information, such as their name, date of birth, etc., and entering the data into the Orange County Sheriff’s database, which is connected to the department of justice to check if the inmate has any outstanding warrants along with a mug shot to record the convict's physical appearance.


This step of the booking process could take anywhere from forty-five minutes to a few hours to complete. After taking all the information, the convict's fingerprints get entered into the database for further reference.


After the results come back and the convict gets cleared for bail, a court date gets set and a bail amount instated. When we at Bail Bonds Irvine find out that the defendant got cleared out for bail, we will call you to fill out some paperwork and instantly call the police department to post bail.


Once they get released from jail on bond, we will hand one of you a receipt for the bond, which includes all the court information you need. It is acutely important that they appeal all their court dates, or the court will put out a bench warrant. 

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