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Effects of bail bond system on Irvine

Bail bonds in Irvine are basically a contract between a bail bondsman and the indemnitor as well as the defendant in need of the bail bond. An indemnitor is a person who signs liability for the defendant to show up to court. Bail bonds agencies help the economy in the city in many ways. The economy sees a positive influence of bail bonds agencies by creating revenue and jobs for the people of the city.


This system also helps reduce the amount of inmates that are incarcerated in the city’s jails. Without a bail bond, defendants would need to pay the courts the total bail amount rather than just ten percent of the bail. These amounts are usually unrealistic to middle class individuals and they would be forced to spend the entire duration of their trial incarcerated with much more violent inmates that have been convicted and sentenced. It is much safer the inmate to remain in his or her home for the duration of the case rather than in a county jail. The reduction in the amount of inmates in jail also saves the city money because they no longer have to pay to incarcerate the inmate which is about $700 a month. Without bail bonds, the amount of inmates would increase and force the city to either create more jails or start releasing inmates on their own recognizance. The problem with this is that there is no way to assess the risk in releasing an inmate on their own in regards to showing up to court.


A bail bondsman’s job is to assess the probability that the inmate will return to court and serve their time in jail if need be. Once the bondsman has decided that the inmate is worth the risk, then he or she must find a family member or friend that will sign liability for the inmate. This ensures that the inmate is not the only person liable for his or her actions and acts a form of motivation to show up to court. It’s impossible for any bail agency to know for sure the intentions of the inmate trying to get out of jail, but having someone be liable allows for the bondman to find the inmate easily if he or she would run from their responsibilities. Jobs were mentioned earlier as a benefit of bail bonds agencies in the city. With the economy the way it is today, it is easy to see how hard it is to find a job.


This system gives people the opportunity to get a career easily that pays decently. It is not the highest paying job, but it is something that people could rely on since inmates will always have the option of bailing out of jail. Overall, the impact that the bail bonds industry has on the city is positive. There are no negative aspects of the industry and the hope is that it will remain this way. 

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